Shelter Supplies
Spray bottles, scrub brushes for dishes, scrub pads, dish cloths, dish towels, brooms, dustpans, garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, vinyl examination gloves, pens, permanent markers, clear sheet protectors, white board markers, towels, sheets, blankets, face cloths, hand towels, dish soap, fragrance free dryer sheets/fabric softener sheets


For Cats
Ceramic food dishes, non clumping cat litter, nail clippers, small stainless steel bowls, sandwich bags, manual can opener, litter pans, cat treats, cat carriers 


For Dogs
Leashes, martingale collars, poop and scoop bags, dog treats soft and hard, Kuranda beds, stainless steel bowls, dog crates, Sun shades from Home Depot


For Small Animals
Rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, bird and rat pellets or food, Timothy hay or alfalfa, aspen shavings, aquariums, aquarium filters, fish care supplies (nets, lights, heaters, gravel, food, etc.), reptile heat lamps, reptile UV lamps, reptile care supplies, small animal cages, bird cages, small animal water bottles, small bowls, small animal bedding – Aspen shavings, Yesterday’s News (no cedar or pine)


For Enrichment
Dog toys, cat toys, catnip, toys for small birds, stuffed animals, Kongs, paper lunch bags, cd players, large rawhide, wooden chew toys for rabbit and guinea pig, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, small animal running wheels


Other Items
Gift cards for pet stores, Canadian Tire, Wal*Mart or grocery stores, or Canadian Tire money, New or used iphone, Amazon wish list 

Horse Wish List
Round bale feeders, Slow feeder hay net for round bales and square bales, Halters, Lunge lines, Rubber water buckets, Corner feeders, Salt licks, Toys for enrichment, Gift cards to Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies, Donations to help cover the costs of care, including veterinary attention and hoof care